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RapidFit CAT6/CAT5 UTP RJ45 Plugs Pack of 100

The appearance of the RapidFit® plugs may not look too different to an ordinary RJ45 plug but that's about where the similarities end. The genius design of the RapidFit® plug is what sets it apart.

The RapidFit® plugs have a unique open ended design which has two huge benefits. Firstly it lets you push the cores straight through the plug. You no longer have to spend ages stripping and cutting each core to the correct length and hoping they make contact with the pins. Secondly, with the cores sticking out of the plug you can check to make sure they are all in the right order preventing mis-crimps.

Another unique feature is the teeth on the pins inside the plug. When crimped these teeth pierce the insulation on each core and make contact with the copper inside.

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