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Your home is important, it is where you should feel safest. A lot of crime is opportunistic, meaning it happens if the would-be burglar feels the risk is low enough to act. Deterrents are the best way to stop opportunistic criminals from acting, increasing security increases the risk. Automatic gates protect your property from trespassers before they can gain access to your property. If there is no easy entrance and exit, they will most likely not take the chance of getting caught.

An electronic gate system adds increased security, as they only allow authorised access. For businesses, an automatic gate system helps with limiting unauthorised access to your premises. Not only do have expensive equipment on site, you have a duty of care to your employees and your client’s data. If you store sensitive information on site, the data is more important than the server it is stored on. Only allowing access to your business with automatic driveway gates, can stop criminals before they get too close.   

The most important way automated gate entry systems provide additional security, is it is controlled by you, your household or an employee. There are systems that require access devices, such as cards or fobs, for any other visitor, they need to be granted access. If you have a lot of visitors to your business property, there areautomatic gate solutionsthat can read registration plates and only allow access if they are approved.  

Depending on your property, you may want to restrict access for all sorts of transportation. Pedestrians, motorcycles and bicycles can be monitored and controlled using automatic gates. The more types of transport you take into consideration, the more secure your property can be. For staff members, you can install low profile solutions, such as turnstiles, which require a pass to gain entry. For your residential property, you may not have a driveway, or you want added security for people arriving on foot.   

There are some systems that can be installed by yourself, but not all systems are as secure as each other. If there is a mistake during the installation process, you may not find out until after the fact. You can also have a tradesman install them for you, but they specialise in different fields. MES Systems provide gates and barriers with incredibly high standards of reliability and quality. We only have qualified automatic gate installers, which can give you better peace of mind that your new automatic driveway gates are installed properly. On top of this, we also provide service and maintenance.

MES Systems give you everything you need to protect your business and give you peace of mind...