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We are committed to doing all we can to protect our planet for future generations. We have pledged to reach net-zero carbon emissions before 2030. Some of our actions are shown below.

  • We constantly upgrade our vehicle fleet. Now, every company car we use is a fully electric model, with the remainder of our fleet comprising of the most fuel-efficient diesel vans available. We facilitate EV charging for all employees and visitors and maintain our vehicles meticulously to optimise their efficiency.

  • Our commitment to preserving the environment extends to waste management. We've partnered with licensed organisations that specialise in responsible recycling, ensuring that every bit of waste we generate is repurposed.

  • We're actively eliminating the use of single-use plastics within our operations. Notable initiatives include transitioning to milk deliveries in reusable glass bottles, swapping out plastic for paper packaging tape and only purchasing paper from sustainable forests.

  • The rooftop of our office building boasts a robust array of solar panels. We utilise all of the electricity we generate, and for additional power needs, we only source energy from renewable providers.

  • We've adopted a repair-before-replace approach to manage our equipment, contributing to waste reduction and resource conservation. We also use this approach with our customers systems that we maintain.

  • As a cornerstone of our environmental policy, we've optimised our office lighting with low-energy, high-efficiency LED technology. This commitment to reducing our energy consumption forms a key component of our wider sustainability strategy, including our pledge to reach net-zero carbon emissions before the year 2030.