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As a business owner, the security of your premises and assets is a top priority.

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Be Alert, Be Secure - Intruder Alarms for Your Business

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Keeping your business premises secure is a key priority. Theft and vandalism are all too commonplace, with criminals looking for soft targets. Commercial premises frequently contain high-value equipment which is attractive to criminals. If your business is targeted by criminals it can not only be costly it can also be disruptive.

Every company needs to think about its overall security strategy and a key component of this will be a commercial intruder alarm system.

It’s not only businesses that need to take security seriously. Homeowners regularly find themselves victims of opportunistic burglary. One way to discourage a break-in is to have a working intruder alarm system.

Every business and home is different and will have varying requirements when it comes to intruder alarms. The size of the premises, the amount of access, the value of any assets held inside will all play a part. At MES systems, we provide customised intruder alarm systems for the exact needs of our clients. From basic wireless alarm systems to monitored alarm systems, there is an intruder alarm to suit every situation and budget.

A critical choice when it comes to intruder alarm systems is whether to opt for a wired or wireless intruder alarm system. They each have a range of advantages and disadvantages.

Wired alarms require less battery maintenance and offer guaranteed protection with no risk of signal interference. However, the installation costs will be greater and they can be susceptible to power outages. They will also require holes to be cut into the walls.

Wireless alarms will require you to ensure the batteries are working properly and can be vulnerable to signal interference. However, they do have a number of advantages not least that they are easy to install, often portable and are immune to power outages.

The Honeywell Galaxy intruder alarm system offers a flexible and easy to use security solution. They can be used as part of an integrated security system, and are available in wired, wireless and hybrid solutions.

It’s a perfect solution for a wide range of commercial and domestic premises offering high levels of protection while being easy to use, install and maintain.

An intruder alarm system in your home or at your commercial premises reduces the risk of your property being targeted by thieves. It gives you peace of mind that your home or business is secure, protected and even monitored.

If there is an attempted break-in, your security system will alert you. Intruder alarm systems can also save you money, not only from having to cover the costs of a break-in but also from reduced insurance premiums.

At MES Systems, our award-winning wireless systems include visual verification via integrated camera detectors, performance optimised with 3G communication, and 24/7 visual access from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Our systems can be customised to better meet your requirements, with add-ons and wireless accessories

MES Systems give you everything you need to protect your business and give you peace of mind...