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You may have heard the old adage by Benjamin Franklyn that, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. It can be cheaper and more efficient to solve an issue before it becomes an issue. CCTV (VSS) stands for closed-circuit television and is a system that allows you to monitor both indoor and Outdoor parts of your property. Security cameras can be used in both domestic and business environments to protect property and people. The best acusense darkfighter security cameras have a high resolution, can run on a wireless network, and incorporate features such as face recognition, intrusion detection and smart tracking. The best NVRs and DVRs have deepinmind or deep learning analytics technology to reduce false alarms. With years of experience, we understand the importance of CCTV (VSS) and are happy to provide this in and around Nuneaton. 


The modern age has brought with it a lot more expensive equipment for the day-to- day jobs of most workplaces. Onsite security has had to adapt to make sure assets are protected. For internal security, security cameras can keep track of who is on your premises and where they are. If you are having external people coming into your business then they will have to sign in at the front desk. In most cases these visits will be trouble free, but Business CCTV (VSS) camera services can catch anything out of the ordinary. For external surveillance cameras, you can monitor arriving vehicles with automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) and prevent vandalism and damages.


The home is the place we should all feel the safest. It is our own space where we can lock the outside world out and be ourselves. Home CCTV (VSS) for both internal and external are primarily used for peace of mind and as a deterrent. In properties such as flats and apartments, a security camera system may be necessary as there could be hundreds of occupants. In more modern apartment complexes, Door Entry systems are used to limit risk.

One of the most expensive assets anyone will possess is property. In both domestic and business settings. Monitoringyour property has two functions, it can prevent crime, and it can catch crime. In some instances, CCTV (VSS) may be required by your insurance provider or the local authority in order to obtain a trading licence.

The main goal of a security camera system is not to be well hidden and to catch people out, it is to be noticeable. A CCTV (VSS) camera in full view works as a deterrent to would be criminals as a lot of criminal activity is opportunistic. If people know they are being watched, they are more likely to behave appropriately.

Unfortunately, crime can be an inevitability. If you have a building full of expensive equipment, such as a warehouse, then it can be a target for premediated theft. With technology such as a Hikvision camera system, you get clearer images of the criminals and any other important information such as number plates and vehicles used. It can be used for health and safety investigations, insurance claims and to aide in criminal prosecutions. There are also specific solutions available such as thermal cameras and a goods management system which incorporates vehicle dock management and parcel tracking.

Although the number is hard to gauge, there is believed to be 5 million security cameras in use across the UK. With an estimation of 96% of them being used in the private sector. This is both commercially and domestically. With the large number of CCTV (VSS) systems in operation, it is becoming increasingly difficult for criminals to operate. Decreasing the number of person-on-person crimes.

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