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You can’t always be present at your property, and the times you aren’t there are when it is most vulnerable. Remote monitoring allows you to protect your business property with a third-party security company. We set you up and use Farsight for CCTV monitoring, and Custodian for the intruder alarms. Remote monitoring will alert the monitoring centre if it detects anything, from intruders to fires. The feeds are live all day every day, offering more than just peace of mind, but help keep insurance premiums down. 

In short, when the system is armed, the CCTV cameras are broadcasting a feed that is accessed remotely by a security centre. There are more than just cameras that can be linked to the monitoring system, such as fire and burglar alarms. A remote burglar alarm would detect motion, trigger an event to the monitoring station to report a disturbance, and notify the third-party security company.   

The main intruder and fire alarm hardware we install is from CSL Dualcom, using their leading product Gradeshift Pro, linking the systems up to the monitoring centre. The GradeShift Pro 2 has 2 separate 4G worldSIMs on separate radio modules, to make sure there is always a connection. It can also use one radio and one LAN to signal the alarm.


An alarm system can detect motion using different technologies. A low cost and low power option is passive infrared. If the passive infrared is disturbed or the beam is cut, then it will trigger an automatic response. This could be an automated announcement, along with an alert sent to the monitoring centre. 

Door sensors

You can place a sensor on the door frame and the door itself, one uses the other to detect if the door is opened. If the connection is broken, then the sensor alerts the monitoring system. A very effective way to protect from trespassing.  


Smoke and heat detection alarms can be an early warning sign, which can prevent the fire causing massive damage. It is also a health and safety requirement for your business to have fire alarms. Linking them to the remote monitoring system could save thousands in damages. 

Security System Monitoring is great for catching burglars in the act, so they can be prosecuted. The high-resolution cameras will pick up more detail and this can be recorded and relayed to the police. The more important purpose for Alarm Monitoring and other remote systems, is that it acts as a deterrent. If would be criminals see security systems, they are less likely to commit the crime. Which is how you can keep your insurance premiums lower, stopping a crime before it happens.

Having your security system monitored means you can save money on hiring. You won’t need to have a security guard onsite 24 hours a day, as you only need to worry about your property when the monitoring centre receives a notification. 

As one of the best fire and security firms in the country, MES systems are a trade counter, therefore we provide the equipment and installation, keeping costs down. We are particularly proud of our top quality after-sales care that is incomparable in the industry. Contact Us today to find out how we can protect your people and your property today!

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