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Does Your business has valuable assets and confidential documents that need to be protected?

Don't take chances with your valuable assets and confidential documents. Trust us to keep them safe and secure with our commercial safes.

Frequently asked questions

The operation of your business will collect details or income that you need to keep safe. A commercial safe can lock away important items from the public and unauthorised employees. If you are a retail or product-based company, you will need a place to keep money safe until you take it to the bank, or it is collected by a security company. It is also a legal requirement to protect and secure data you hold on anyone. GDPR requires transparency and proper procedures in place. Locking sensitive data behind keypad locks such as safes, and doors will keep you compliant.

Commercial Safes

The Burton Data Safe is an easy addition to your business, you can put it where ever you feel most suitable and you don’t require any construction work to install. the data safe is made from strong, fire-resistant materials, and tested to NT FIRE 017 standards. The Data safe can protect from fire for up to 60 minutes and is available in 7 sizes. They also can withstand smoke and water damage.  


Vaults, also referred to as strong rooms, are secure rooms to protect data, vast amounts of money, and valuable stock. The Orthrus vault is one of the strongest Burton safes we can offer that is even used in military and government settings. If you require a lightweight alternative that can be used on a second floor of a commercial building, the Talos has a security lock that offers more flexibility.  

Safe Deposit Boxes

Some data you need to store in separate holdings that can be accessed by specific people. Safe deposit boxes are a great way to secure several peoples data, but allow access without risking a data breach. Each box has its own key that can only be accessed by someone who has the key. If you need a self-service solution, to allow 24-hour access without the need of having a security agent present, the Vaduz Safe Deposit Box is ideal. The solid steel lockers are only accessible through high security biometric scanners that read vein patterns from the palm of your hand.  

Security Doors

Adding a security door that keeps your data and unauthorised personnel separate is a one of the best ways to keep your business compliant. The Kronos steel security door, is independently tested and certified to the LPS1175 SR2 standard. This particular door is also meeting the Police Preferred Specification. It comes with a variety of locking options such as single key, pin codes or Biometric scanners.  

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