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Fike Twinflex 204-0001 Multipoint ASD Detector With Sounder

The TWINFLEX Multipoint ASD head is a 2-wire device used with the TWINFLEX and TWINFLEX Pro systems.

The TWINFLEX two-wire Multipoint ASD detector can be set to any one of 3 smoke modes, 3 heat modes as well as a Combined Mode (Smoke 2 and Heat 2) where a smoke or heat source can trigger a fire decision – see below. The end user is given optimum fire protection, even if the installer is unsure of the use of the particular area where the detector is sited. All TWINFLEX products, including the Multipoint ASD detector, feature an End of Line switch, negating the need for end-of-line resistors.

The Multipoint ASD detectors have the unique benefit of an optional full specification integral sounder, where 90dBA output can be achieved. The two-wire Multipoint ASD detector can be set to 3 different sound patterns, as well as switched off, with 2 sound output levels. All Multipoint ASD detectors have the option of an integral combined strobe.

To ensure the detection capabilities of the detectors are never compromised they self-calibrate every 6 hours. They also continuously monitor for dust contamination until, depending on the environment, it reaches a point where the chamber becomes saturated. Before this can develop into a false alarm situation, the panel will indicate that the device in question requires attention.

Modes of Detection

Smoke 1:   Used where ionization detectors are normally fitted, especially when there are high ceilings or a risk of free burning fires (chemical stores etc.) or fires that need to be detected extremely quickly.

Smoke 2:  Used where optical detectors are normally fitted, when there is a risk of a smouldering fire and for escape routes.

Smoke 3:  Designed for use in areas that are prone to nuisance alarms. The reduced sensitivity linked with a time delay feature, means that a higher concentration of smoke needs to be present for a constant time period, before a fire decision is made. For example, this setting is ideal for hotel bedrooms with en-suite shower rooms. The installer or service engineer can change the setting from smoke 2 to smoke 3 if nuisance alarms are a problem whilst still offering optimum protection of a smoke detection setting.

Heat 1 (Rate of Rise):  Used where a standard rate of rise detector would normally be used.

Heat 2 (Standard Fixed Temperature – 58ºC approx.): Used where a standard fixed temperature heat detector would normally be fitted, suitable for kitchens etc.

Heat 3 (High Fixed Temperature – 90ºC approx.): Used where a high fixed temperature heat detector would normally be fitted. Suitable for commercial kitchens, boiler rooms etc.

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