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Annual DDNS Only Agreement

An annual charge for a DDNS service (provided by a third party) which provides seamless remote access to your CCTV system using the Hik-Connect or iVMS-4500 app.

A DDNS service will allow you to access your system from anywhere in the world and it will also allow us to support you remotely (if required/subject to charge).

What is a DDNS?

A DDNS solves the problem of your external IP addresses ever-changing by associating your address with a consistent domain name. When you become a residential customer of an ISP, they provide you with an external IP address so you can access the internet at home. However, these dynamic IP addresses frequently change without notice causing you to lose access to your system each time this happens. To combat this, we set up a DDNS with a third party provider who assign you a custom domain name (eg. johnsmith123.dyndns.org). We enter this address into our equipment (or your broadband router) so when your external home IP address changes your custom domain name will be automatically updated with the new IP address which ensures uninterrupted remote access into your system.


DDNS = Dynamic domain name system

External IP address = The address of your broadband router on the internet.

ISP = Internet service provider. (eg. BT, Virgin, Sky)