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Monitoring Information

Thank you for your order. Please can you read the document titled Keyholder Responsibility Information and circulate it to anyone who is going to be a keyholder on your system as this will help familiarise yourself and them with the monitoring process. Please can you also complete and email the form titled, Keyholder Checklist and Monitoring Application to salesadmin@mes-systems.co.uk . We use this form to apply for the alarm monitoring with Custodian monitoring and it is where you will also list the keyholders that you want to be contacted in the event of an alarm activation. Keyholders can either use a password which is unique to them or all keyholders can share a site password. The password will be required by the Custodian monitoring before they can speak to anyone about the system or issue a reset to a keyholder. We can also add authorised users onto the account who will be able to speak to Custodian monitoring but they will not be contacted in the event of an alarm activation.

Please ask the person who is responsible for your IT network (Network Administrator) to read this document then ensure it is completed and returned to us along with your other forms ONLY IF DHCP is NOT to be used. It is crucial that this form is actioned and returned to us with your order if you currently block outgoing traffic as the monitoring unit will not be able to connect.

Police Response

Please complete and return this form titled Appendix G – Police Risk Assessment to the same email address, if you would like us to apply for police response on your system (subject to minimum system standards*). This form is a basic risk assessment that the police require completing before they issue a URN (police response unique reference number) for your property. The police admin fee for a new intruder URN or to takeover an existing URN is £55.60+vat. If you also require police response on your panic attack (PA) button (if you have one or you are having one fitted) there is an additional £55.60+vat. Please also read the document titled Police Response Letter which will outline some important information you need to know about having police response.

* If you are unsure if your system meets the minimum standards required for police response, please contact us.



Customer Contact Details (to circulate to all users of the system)

Keyholder Responsibility Information (to circulate to all keyholders)

Keyholder Checklist and Monitoring Application (complete and return to us)

IT survey form (to pass to your network administrator and only returned to us if DHCP is not to be used)

Appendix G - Police Risk Assessment (complete and return to us if you are having police response)

Police Response Letter (read if you are having police response)