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GEFCO UK's Seamless Transition to a Biometric Access Control System

by Richard Morgan April 17, 2023 2 min read


To install and commission a network-based proximity and biometric access control system.



GEFCO Group, a global leader in supply chain solutions and automotive logistics, required an upgrade to its access control system at its Coventry logistics centre. The 220,000 sqft facility needed a secure and efficient solution that would not disrupt operations during the transition. The company chose MES Systems to install and commission a network-based proximity and biometric access control system, which was completed in August 2021.


Major Milestones

  • Identifying the need to replace the existing card reader system without compromising security or causing downtime
  • Developing an innovative solution to maintain communication with equipment in the event of disconnection
  • Ensuring compatibility between biometric readers and the access control system
  • Successfully installing the new system across all 22 data communication points while preserving the existing data line


Overcoming Challenges to Ensure Seamless Integration

The primary challenge was replacing GEFCO's existing RD485 data line-based system without causing any disruptions. MES Systems had to develop an infrastructure that allowed biometric readers to integrate into the new access control system while maintaining communication with the existing endpoints. Additionally, the team had to ensure that the new biometric equipment was robust, effective, and low-maintenance.



Steve Riley, GEFCO FM Facilitator, praised MES Systems for their work on the project. He highlighted their close collaboration with GEFCO's IT team, their dedication to finding the right products despite shortages during the pandemic, and their professional conduct throughout the process.


Impact Metrics

  • Successful implementation of a biometric access control system that is more cost-effective and secure than the previous card reader system
  • Minimal disruption to site operations during the transition
  • Enhanced security measures for the Coventry logistics centre, which handles diverse products such as motor manufacturing parts and NHS PPE and medication


Future Outlook

With the successful completion of this project, GEFCO has a robust, effective, and low-maintenance access control system in place at its Coventry facility. MES Systems will continue to provide servicing and customer support, ensuring that the system remains reliable in the long term. This successful collaboration showcases the potential for further integration of innovative security solutions in other GEFCO facilities worldwide.