Summer Surge in UK Burglaries: A Call to Action for Electricians

by Richard Morgan June 19, 2023 4 min read

Summer Surge in UK Burglaries: A Call to Action for Electricians

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Introduction: The Seasonal Spike in Home Burglaries

As we transition into summer, our focus often drifts towards enjoying the outdoors and soaking in the warmth. But alongside the seasonal cheer, there’s a less celebrated trend that electricians need to be aware of – an increased incidence of home burglaries. This presents not only a societal concern but also a significant opportunity for electricians who install security systems.



Understanding the Statistics: The Frequency and Timing of Burglaries

UK statistics paint a disturbing picture: a burglary happens every 108 seconds, with most incidents surprisingly taking place in broad daylight. An unsettling 58% of the time, someone is home during the invasion. While this presents a safety concern for homeowners, it also underscores the critical need for high-quality, professional security system installations.



The Human and Financial Costs: Impact on Homeowners

Each burglary event costs the homeowner an average of £3,030 - a striking financial burden. But for electricians in the security industry, it represents potential customer pain points that can be addressed with your services.



Burglary Characteristics: Opportunistic and Quick Crimes

These burglary incidents, usually quick, opportunistic crimes, take less than 10 minutes on average, making prevention without an effective security system nearly impossible. Here's where you step in: equipped with the knowledge and skills to install quality security systems, you have the power to provide homeowners with peace of mind.



Break-In Patterns: Doors as Entry Points and the Role of Familiarity

The majority of break-ins, about 67%, occur through a door. And in a surprising revelation, 43% of burglars are known to their victims. A significant 63% of these incidents occur in homes without a basic security system. In response to these trends, homeowners in even the largest counties of the UK are looking to beef up their security measures, especially during the summer months.



As an electrician, this presents a growing demand for your skills and services. Homeowners need reliable, professionally installed security systems. By offering these services, you can help protect your community while expanding your business.



Responding to the Challenge: The Demand for Professional Security Installations

As we approach the summer months and the demand for security installations increases, MES Systems is committed to supporting you in meeting this growing need. Our trade counter is fully stocked with top-of-the-line security systems and parts, ensuring you always have what you need, when you need it. From the Texecom Kit Premier Elite Series, a 64-zone wireless alarm kit with a sounder, to the Texecom Veritas Control Panel with an LCD keypad for easy control and monitoring, we've got you covered.



How MES Systems Supports Electricians: Our Trade Counter and Available Security Systems

Moreover, as a valued member of our trade community, we are pleased to offer you a 10% discount on all items purchased through our trade counter. It's our way of expressing appreciation for the important work you do in keeping our communities safe and secure.



Exclusive Trade Member Benefits: 10% Discount at our Trade Counter

Remember, you are at the forefront of burglary prevention, and we're here to equip you with the best. Equip yourself with the best security system parts from MES Systems and stay ready to meet the increased demand this summer.



Conclusion: Your Role in Prevention and Community Safety

In conclusion, as an electrician, you play a crucial role in preventing home burglaries and ensuring community safety. The seasonal spike in burglaries presents an opportunity for you to provide high-quality security system installations and address the concerns of homeowners. By understanding the statistics, the human and financial costs, and the characteristics of burglaries, you can effectively respond to the challenge and meet the growing demand for professional security installations. MES Systems is here to support you with our trade counter and a wide range of available security systems. As a valued trade member, you also enjoy exclusive benefits, including a 10% discount. Together, let's work towards preventing burglaries, protecting homes


Products Recommendations

For top-of-the-line security systems and parts, MES Systems offers a variety of options, including the Texecom Kit Premier Elite Series and the Texecom Veritas Control Panel. Visit our trade counter to explore our full range of products and take advantage of our exclusive trade member benefits.


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