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Securing High-Net-Worth Individuals Amidst Rising Burglaries

by Richard Morgan January 22, 2024 3 min read

In light of increasing burglary incidents, especially targeting high-profile individuals like footballers, safeguarding one's home, assets, and loved ones becomes paramount. Recent incidents involving renowned footballers such as Jack Grealish and Kurt Zouma highlight the critical need for robust security measures.

In December 2023, Manchester City Midfielder Jack Grealish fell victim to a burglary, resulting in a loss of £1 million worth of jewellery and watches (source: The Guardian). Similar incidents involving other football stars underscore the urgency for comprehensive security solutions.

Here are a few recent news headlines:


I can’t celebrate 2023 now – Jack Grealish devastated by burglary – The Guardian


Westham offer £25,000 reward after burglar’s raid Kurt Zouma’s house – The Guardian


How Jack Grealish home invasion terror is latest in a string of attacks by burglars who time raids on footballers' mansions while the stars are playing away games - including Kurt Zouma, Raheem Sterling and Paul Pogba – Daily Mail


Crime statistics for 2023 reveal a concerning rise in reported burglaries, emphasising the necessity for proactive security measures. High-net-worth individuals, including celebrities and sports professionals, are particularly vulnerable and should prioritise optimising their security protocols.

Here at MES Systems, we urge not just footballers and sporting professionals but all high-net-worth individuals to seriously consider what security measures they have in place and ensure they are optimised.

Ensuring Security for High-Net-Worth Individuals: A Comprehensive Approach

In an era where personal information is readily accessible, high-net-worth individuals, including many footballers, face unique security challenges. The prominence of their lives in the public eye makes them susceptible to targeted criminal activities. Criminals exploit the internet and social media platforms to gather information on earnings, schedules, possessions, and even the habits of individuals and their associates.

Utilising tools such as drones and Google Earth, criminals can easily survey properties, identify potential entry points, and assess the layout. This raises a critical question: How can individuals safeguard their homes and loved ones in the face of such threats?

While various security measures like guard dogs, personal security staff, and panic rooms are widely discussed, this article zooms in on essential "Physical Security" measures. These include perimeter protection, access control, security lighting, CCTV security systems, fire and intruder alarms, and remote security monitoring. By focusing on these fundamental elements, high-net-worth individuals can fortify their defences against potential security breaches.

Key Security Measures for High-Net-Worth Individuals

Risk Assessment by Professionals:

Collaborate with security consultants or approved system installers for a thorough risk assessment. Choosing SSAIB or NSI approved professionals ensures adherence to industry standards and insurance requirements.

Multi-Layered Security Systems:

Implement a multi-faceted defence strategy encompassing perimeter protection, access control, security lighting, CCTV systems, and fire & intruder alarms. These layers collectively enhance the overall security infrastructure.

Perimeter Security:

Install security sensors, beams, lighting, and CCTV cameras for the first layer of defence. Effective access control systems help manage property access efficiently, preventing unauthorised entry.

External Security Measures:

Utilise technologies such as passive infrared detectors, CCTV cameras with detection features, and thermal imaging for detecting and responding to intruders swiftly. Visual verification of incidents is crucial for a proactive response.

Engage with Professional Monitoring Services:

Opt for remote alarm & CCTV monitoring partners with industry accreditation. This ensures prompt response to alarms, visual verification of incidents, and escalated responses to emergency services when needed.

Internal Security with Visual Verification:

Monitored alarm systems are preferred, allowing professionals to determine the cause of alarms and escalate incidents for faster emergency responses. Integrating internal CCTV cameras with alarm systems enhances visual verification capabilities.

Choosing MES Systems for Comprehensive Security

MES Systems, a leader in security services, offers high-net-worth individuals a holistic security approach. Our accredited professionals prioritise visual verification, ensuring accurate responses to incidents. Join hands with MES Systems for peace of mind and comprehensive security in an ever-evolving landscape.

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